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Article: Kate Clausen

Kate Clausen

We asked Kate to create a print for us, something to carry those warm summers day feels into the cooler months. We have been such a fan of Kates work for a long time, of course she nailed the brief. Kate answered a few questions on work, motherhood and how she juggles the load.

Describe your motherhood journey in 5 words:

Homey, special, happy, overwhelming, incredible 

Describe your child in 5 words:

Sweet, cheeky, clinger, clever, adorable 

What advice would you give to other mums wanting to pursue their passions?
I suppose it can feel like there will never be time or opportunity but I think even if slowly but surely work toward things and they will come to be. Remembering even if you only get a small amount of time spent on your passion to do it and keep doing it :)

How do you juggle the mum work/life balance?

I am not doing too much work at the moment, maybe a few hours a week at home.. I have definitely found it hard especially when feeling really keen to do some work/ something creative but unable at the time. Some days I just have to accept it won’t happen that day and then others will be much more productive.. I am enjoying just spending all the time with my son thankfully and fitting bits of work in when I can.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Textiles, nature, lines on a shell.. little things kind of trigger ideas for me 

And finally, what’s on your next birthday present list?

It is my 30th this year and my husband is making me a leather hand bag, I think I’m going with this beautiful green Italian leather and a bright blue leather inner!
Other than that just a trip to Italy please.... Haha
Visit Kates Instagram and work here

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